Senga Sengana

  • mid-late variety
  • very fruitful
  • in our opinion the tastiest and most aromatic of all strawberry varieties
  • large at first fruits, dark red, get smaller in time
  • highly insusceptible to frost, drought, mildew, root system diseases and soil nematodes
  • susceptible to noble rot ? recommended protection during dump summers
  • Senga Sengana deshanks easily, therefore there is no better variety for jams, preserves and frozen goods.
  • due to the fragility and low durability of the fruit, it can rarely be found on the market stalls, which is why this variety is unrivalled in ?straight from the bush? category. It is worth to plant it in the garden.
Frost resistance
Fruit attractiveness
Cultivation difficulty level
Earliness mid-late

All varieties are available in multi-pots of 10 and 40 pieces.

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