There is a rule ? the sooner you plant the strawberries, the more you will harvest the next year. 


On our farm, strongly rooted potted seedlings (multi-packs of 10 or 40 pieces) are available from the beginning of July. No sham around here ? all seedlings have passports of  the State Inspectorate for Plant Protection and Seeds. We proudly emphasize that within last 10 years no one had ever complained or claimed a refund!

We welcome planters, wholesalers and gardeners to cooperate with us. This year we have prepared for you hundreds of thousands of seedlings of the most reliable strawberry varieties

After three consecutive harsh winters, when several million strawberry plants had frozen, we decided for the current season to focus on frost-resistant varieties (except for Elsanta, which despite its susceptibility to low temperatures, is a top class variety). No Californian or southern European “inventions”, though which taste well, but not in our climate conditions. Of these frost-resistant we chose few that (in our opinion) taste best, ones that we are most confident about.

This year we offer as follows:



  • despite its name it comes from the Netherlands
  • mid-early (it ripens similarly to Senga Sengana, approx. 7-10 days after Alba)
  • efficient (as long as it is not to dry during fruits? growing and ripening phase), not too hard to cultivate, it?s not afraid of low temperatures, insusceptible to mildew, during dump summers might be infected by the noble rot (protection recommended
  • medium size fruits, vivid red with strong gloss, extremely tasty and flavourful
  • versatile variety ? perfect as eaters, as well as a material for processing
  • deal for large plantations and small gardens
  • Net price: PLN 1 / piece (0.23 EUR / piece)


  • mid-early
  • typical eater with heart-shaped, a bit elongated, bright red and slightly glossy fruits, very tasty
  • harsh winter is not a threat, flowers rarely suffer from spring frosts
  • soil requirements are l, grows well even in sandy sites
  • insusceptible to mildew and root system diseases, although during dump summers it will be grateful for protection against noble rot
  • it can surely be recommended to big and small planters
  • Net price: PLN 1 / piece (0.23 EUR / piece)


  • mid-early
  • the most popular eater in Europe, with large, getting smaller a bit after some time, strongly glossy, bright red fruits. Very tasty, extremely durable once harvested
  • resistant to noble rot, although quite susceptible to mildew and root system diseases, requires covering during harsh winters (nonwoven crop cover, fir bough, etc.). Very fruitful.
  • Net price: PLN 1 / piece (0.23 EUR / piece)

Senga Sengana

  • mid-late variety
  • very fruitful
  • in our opinion the tastiest and most aromatic of all strawberry varieties
  • large at first fruits, dark red, get smaller in time
  • highly insusceptible to frost, drought, mildew, root system diseases and soil nematodes
  • susceptible to noble rot ? recommended protection during dump summers
  • Senga Sengana deshanks easily, therefore there is no better variety for jams, preserves and frozen goods.
  • due to the fragility and low durability of the fruit, it can rarely be found on the market stalls, which is why this variety is unrivalled in ?straight from the bush? category. It is worth to plant it in the garden.
  • Net price: PLN 1 / piece (0.23 EUR / piece)

Ostara (Everbearing)

  • an eater from everbearing varieties, i.e. it yields in the spring and repeats yielding from mid-July until the autumn (in practise until first frost)
  • fertile, closer the fall, the more fertile it is
  • medium size fruits, bright red, attractive appearance
  • ripe fruits taste like wild strawberries
  • very easy to cultivate
  • can be planted in spring in large pots or boxes and cultivate as hanging or climbing (in such case the runners are attached to supporting poles)
  • can be covered for the winter, just to feel safe
  • Net price: PLN 2 / piece (0.45 EUR / piece)

All varieties are available in multi-pots of 10 and 40 pieces.

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